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Wednesday, January 26, 2005


heavenly music: David Sylvian & Robert Fripp - Nakano Sun Plaza

so logic

Sylvian & Robert Fripp - Exposure
Sylvian & Robert Fripp - Gone To Earth
Sylvian & Robert Fripp - Jean The Birdman
[Live [10/26/93] Nakano Sun
Plaza]Herr K. over at Totally Fuzzy commented on the Japan post (see below) and
kindly included a link to Broken Sky which archives live recordings of Japan and David
Sylvian shows. One of the performances is together with Robert Fripp and
includes a live version of "Exposure" from Robert Fripp's album of the same
title. "Exposure" (the album) is fantastic. It's not entirely in the King
Crimson style, however there certainly would be nothing wrong with that. It
follows a short-lived King Crimson hiatus and is more like a Peter Gabriel or
Todd Rundgren project: it's experimental and thematic with a longing, yearning
quality. The Album features Peter Gabriel, Brian Eno (some keyboards), Daryl
Hall of Hall & Oats (yeah, really) and angelic singing by Terre Roche of
Roaches fame - amongst others. There are beautiful, subtle passages ("Mary",
"North Star") together with Fripp landscapes and guitar fireworks ("Disengage").
But I digress... David Sylvian & Robert Fripp - Nakano Sun PlazaI have to
review this performance at face value because I'm admittedly not as familiar
with David Sylvian's solo work as I am with Robert Fripp. The show features
Fripp's wonderfull Frippertronic soundscapes in a few songs. David Sylvian's
singing is mature without sounding nostalgic or old. The live electronic drums
give the performance a peculiar sound which is both dated and contemporary.
How's that for a non committal review? Anyway, I like it, you should too. Again,
for the complete concert and more, head on over to the Broken Sky website.
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