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Sunday, October 24, 2004


Nijen Antonio Coatti

Nijen Antonio Coatti has been playing and recording for many years as a trombone with many different bands player: Ella Guru, N.O.R.M.A. and Musica nel Buio. He has also been playing with Misha Mengelberg, Tony Coe, Chris Cutler, Phil Minton and Walter Wierbos. He has taken part in Festivals all over Europe: Italy, Germany, Yugoslavian Republic, Greece, England, France, Holland and Belgium. In spring 1998 Nijen Antonio Coatti formed the Shellvibes ensemble, a band that utilizes the shell as a musical instrument. Shellvibes has been playing several concerts and at theatres and had appeared in television programs (Rai 3). They have been working together with visual artists: Gabriella Turci and Kriss Kuhles. Together they had produced the piece of work: The Dolphin, The Shell and The Magic Water. The music from Nijen Antonio Coatti has been the inspiration for Barbara Martini's choreography "Morgacqua", which has been produced at the Biennale in Venice in 1999. Nijen Antonio Coatti had composed and directed the music to the theatre play "I Due Emmaus" (Production from Serra Teatro), which has been shown in Vatican in the presence of 10.000 people. At the moment, Nijen Antonio Coatti is very active in the theatre and currently performs in teatri “SARO-WIWA, non mi piace l'Africa”, a work that combines music and poetry. This play had been a joint production with Teatro Sacco in Perugia. N.A.C. has written part of the soundtrack to the film "Zorba the Buddha" by Antonio Sucameli, which will soon be released in cinemas. In June 2003, Nijen Antonio Coatti released Shellvibes (Harpo /alma music - distribuzione Materiali Sonori). This CD contains his most recent year's research and together with 9 other excellent musicians, presents his composition for shells, and acoustic instruments. In his work Nijen Antonio Coatti was inspired from Afro-Brazilian rituals from Candomblè, vocal polyphony of the African pigmys, brass bands from the Balkan and from the work of well known novelists like Calvino and Pennac.

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